Chemical Earthing Powder (Jet) MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY & STOCKIEST, SUPPLIERS in Hyderabad

Chemical Earthing Powder, Earthing Powder, Bentonite Powder for Earthing, Earthing Compound Powder, Earth Pit Chemical Powder, Bentonite Powder Earthing are one of the products from our wide product range in the category of earthing products. Quality Engineering is the best place for everyone who is planning for an earthing system in their buildings. We are known for the best product quality and their reliability. Chemical Earthing Powder (Jet) is the powder used n chemical earthing there are two types of earthing chemical powders(Jet) they are bentonite powder and Marconite powder. These Chemical Earthing Powder(Jet) maintains the resistivity of the soil. And bentonite powder is used in normal soil place and marconite is used in dry soil , where usually the resistivity of soil is high.  Chemical Earthing Powder(Jet) doesn’t decompose and dissolve and  does not leach out with time. Moreover we have these Chemical Earthing Powder(Jet) for sale in markets best price